Friday, September 9, 2011

Mystic Ice Gelato

Mystic Ice Gelato on UrbanspoonSeptember 5, 2011 Mystic Ice Gelato recently opened in the greater Fredericksburg area.  We decided to stop in, and give it a try.
Gelato is like ice cream, but somehow different.  You could do a google search and find the wikipedia page, if you have the interest.  In summary, gelato has been around a long time, something about the ancient Romans eating it.  It seems like there are more fruit flavors and that it is sweeter than say ice cream.  I am sure all of that is on the wikipedia entry for gelato if you are interested.  We don't just re-post stuff from other sites here.

The gelato storage here is interesting.  Instead of having everything in a long counter that the server walks behind, like almost every other frozen food place out there, this place does it a little differently.  They have all the different flavors in a cold wheel.  The wheel spins to the server, who then just scoops out your choice of flavors.  This saves the server the time of walking around to get your treat. The alphageek likes touches that use technology to save time.

Mrs Alphageek had some gelato in a waffle cone.  The flavors she selected are coffee and hazelnut.  She seemed to think they were pretty good.  I took a taste, and thought it was pretty good too.

Mystic Ice Gelato
Coffee and Hazelnut Gelato (click to enlarge)
In keeping with tradition, the alphageek had to order something a little more out there.  I decided to order the Spaghetti Eis.  All the menu told me was that it included Vanilla Gelato, Strawberry Sauce and White Chocolate Shavings.  I wondered what the spaghetti reference was.

So, what did I actually get?  This is where I am going to get a little geeky.  Remember, this is Alphageek's site. First, the server scooped out some vanilla gelato and put it in some sort of press, like an extruder.  Then, pushing down on the press, the geltao comes out shaped like spaghetti noodles.  You can see this effect in the picture, if you look in the very front of the dish.

The "noodles" help spread the taste into your mouth, and make for a great treat.  The strawberry sauce Mystic Ice Gelato uses is not super sweet, so the strawberry taste shines through.  I did notice that it melts quickly, so don't order this to take home.  I suspect the addition of the work required to press the noodles raises the temperature of the gelato a little bit, causing a little extra heat to melt the gelato.

Mystic Ice Gelato
Spaghetti Eis (click to enlarge)
A couple of other small notes.  The music in this place is LOUD!  Your kids will love it.  If you did not know who the Black Eyed Peas were until they played the Super Bowl, you might find it a little loud.

Also, they are so new, they are not yet on google maps.  Until we can update this page, try looking at their page by clicking their page to find out where they are.

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  1. Good photos! Looking at them makes me want some more gelato. But as in most gelato places to get the gelato you have to pay a-lot-o.

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  3. HEY, I know that place!!!!! :D

    Great article! Mind if we post it on the front page of our facebook page?

  4. Please feel free to post anywhere you like.

    BTW, love the handle.