Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pho Saigon

Pho Saigon on UrbanspoonI will start this write up off in a simple way:  this is one of my favorite places to eat in Fredericksburg.

For me, the discussion begins and ends with one thing: their soup.  The soup, pho is a great dish, and I loved it the first time I tried it here.  After all, it is what the restaurant is named after.  It is actually pronounced Pha in english (I think) but the good people at Pho Saigon will forgive your lack of knowledge about proper pronunciation.  They will simply bring you good food. 

I will do this write up a little differently.  Instead of a bunch of discussion about different items on the menu (I have had most of them, and enjoyed all of them), I am going to recommend my favorite dishes to get there.

Start out with a cucumber salad with either chicken or beef.  It has a name on the menu, but I can't remember it.  If you just tell them what I just wrote, they will bring you what is in the picture.  Remember, the folks who run the place are really nice and will help you out.  You will be rewarded with fresh, salad with a wide variety of flavors.

The other thing you should order is a bowl of Pho.  I like it with meatballs, but they have just about every combination of meat that you can imagine.  You might wonder why there is no picture of the Pho soup, if it is my favorite.  Thinks about this: when is the last time you saw an interesting soup picture?  Sure, maybe some put a glob of cheese on top or something like that, but soup pictures are just not very interesting.

You might find eating soup with chopsticks intimidating.  I will only say this: if you let that intimidate you, you will miss out on some great food. These folks have two locations, so I put both maps in here.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of South Vietnam in Central Park, and the place near Walmart in Massaponax.

  2. I love Pho Saigon's food. It's definitely the best for Vietnamese food in the Fredericksburg area. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes beyond the usual pho, even though Pho Saigon's pho is excellent, it's great to try the other dishes. I attended a couple of parties at Pho Saigon and got a chance to try a wide variety of the menu items including several noodle dishes such as bún chả, a rice dish, spring rolls and dumplings. They were all outstanding -- full of fresh, tantalizing flavors. I am so happy to learn that the family had opened Asian Flair Catering after converting the Courthouse Road location so they can do more catering.

  3. I will concur. Pho Saigon is one of the best in the area. I'm not a big fan of Vietnamese food, however they made me a fan now. Must try it if you are nearby;.